Do you need help in editing?

I do workshops and supervising, for people, groups and teams on any level within the editing. The biggest challenge is to trust the process, your intuition and some luck. Except for the latter, 

I might be able to help you.



The basis of every editing process is a good organisation. You can only write a great story inside the edit with a perfect overview of which pieces you’ve got. Thus you will see patterns, find a structure in the rushes and be able to work out a narrative with a logical and pictorial arc.

Cutting is more than doing L- and J-cuts. While editing you make decisions all the time – what image fits best where on the timeline, or if a clip should be two frames shorter or four frames longer, but also: how to work back and forth with clients, directors or other post-producers.


If we can agree that storytelling is the telling of events, then ordering those events is plot. Creating a dramatic and compelling plot has a huge emotional impact on your audience. And plot is the key to your film objective which can be an artistic goal, commercial impact, social change or others.


Even if you don’t want to work as an editor/cutter, learning to work with an editors mind, may improve the filmmaking skillset you actually work in. Thinking in sequences is most crucial. You can follow a path or set a path. Like artists who create a sculpture or rather a plastic.



I feel so confident with the entire editing process now. No emotions of being overwhelmed no longer – it just feels great man!

— Andres, filmmaker


Your editing software is a tool, but you do the work.

Most people who edit have been working in film and video production and grew into editing through learning on the job, watching tutorials for Premiere or FCPX while doing a lot intuitively and improved by seeing editing patterns in favorite movies and other productions. The thing is: Just because you know how to use any editing software it doesn’t mean you know how to edit. Sorry. It's true. I know how to use saw, hammer and drill, and I assume you too, but I can't design and build a beautiful dresser. So, in my editing workshop I will support you with everything you need to know to improve your craft – wether you are a semi-professional cutter, a full stack video producer, a camera person or a director. Contact me if you are still not sure.



Tell me what your project will be – a

  • short online documentary,

  • image or pitch film for your company,

  • online video series,

  • event video that stands out,

  • or a feature length documentary, or

  • something else.

Lets get in touch!


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