Documentary Series (4 parts) | Length: 08:26; 07:25; 09:01; 09:19 | Language: German | 2019

LOGLINE How do you get an illegal firearm in Germany? Assuming that anyone of sanity would not even play with that idea, but if you wouldn't want to travel to Belgrad to visit dark veiled streets in which you could actually get a firearm as experts say, then you go online and look for sellers in the darknet. In this documentary you find out two different ways: buying on the darknet or building yourself with the help of a 3D blueprint.

STORY One storyline („buying“) follows the events before the tragic shooting in Munich, committed with a illegal gun bought on a darknet forum. You are taken on this journey through the trading business of „Rico“, who sold a gun to the shooter who then killed nine people, injuring more.

The second storyline („buidling“) shows the process of downloading and 3D-printing a firearm, being printed and build in one piece. After a legally audited shooting test, where the plastic gun fired one 9mm shot, the weapon was sent to police where it has been destructed. Explaining sequences about anonymising technology darknet, cyber investigations in generell, cyber forensics and trends, in order to round up and connect the two story lines.

ROLE I directed the whole production, conducted the (ten) interviews, edited all rushes (with a cutting ratio around 1:52) and worked at the end with a separate sound mixer.

PROCESS The second story about building unfolded over the shooting process. There was especially the one unpredictable turnout of the shooting test with the 3D-printed plastic gun which strongly defined how I would have needed to proceed with interviewing. So editing started right after the test.

The keywords came in handy from pre to post. By following the keywords from the very beginning, me and my camera people always knew what to do to potentially raising emotions manifested in the deeper grammar of an image we needed to look for when we were filming rather boring images, like a bench in a park, court exhibit at the German authorities or an empty court building.

For example the keyword „hidden“ defined a camera framing or angle that it was crawling on the floor or looking around a corner or through trees or metal grids into blue light.

It was producers luck that the cyber investigator's identity must be keepen covered, so I asked him if he would be okay if I played with his role first be a „bad guy“ and later turns out to be the „good guy“, and he said „sure“. So he in the documentary he got the nickname „Flieger“ by the so called investigators unit.

So, I edited the beginning of the four episodes with this anonymous, sometimes two-faced-sounding man, supported by being placed for the interview in the dark between blue lights, introducing „Flieger“ as expert for darknet insights and firearms. He uncovers his own identity by telling how he ordered firearms from „Rico“, then met him in a park for a handover when „Rico“ who – as a result first had sold the gun to the shooter in Munich and then unknowingly sold an automatic rifle and a gun to that investigator – got arrested and later sentenced.



  • Criminal Gun Trader

  • Shooter (dead)

  • Cyber Investigator

  • Lawyers

  • Prosecutor

  • Prof. in Bio Informatics

  • Police Expert for illegal firearms


  • Illegal Firearms

  • Online

  • Munich

  • Marburg

  • Shop floor

  • 3D Printing

  • Garage

  • Darknet

  • Deepweb

  • Bitcoins

  • Tor


  • Hidden

  • Dark

  • Digital

  • Chasing

  • Justice

  • Good wins

  • Events

  • Coming closer

  • Black

  • White

  • Red

  • Blue


  • Gun Trade on the Darknet

  • Munich shooting

  • Investigating online

  • Cyber Security & Forensics

  • Technology

  • Building plastic gun

  • 3D-gun shooting test

  • „Ricos“ trial and sentence

  • 3D-gun destruction

  • Outlook



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