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Video Storytelling Workshops

Visual Storytelling Workshops.
The best strategy and the best technical equipment are useless, unless every person on the team has the tools to implement them.

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Video Storytelling
for Social Media

The importance of videos is borne out of statistics: People watch hours of videos when they surf social media! While it’s important to know your target group it would be tough to make a case for not weaving video into your social strategy.

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Image by Yogendra Singh

Video Production
Next Level

You want to bring results to the next level? Or you or your team are heading towards a big important project, and you are unsure how to make it? For this, you don't need to buy new equipment, but the right approaches to tackle the challenge.

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Crafting stories
like „Netflix“

Do you like watching stories being told just by the people themselves? It often sounds so eloquent, so refined – it's compelling! Lets dive into the creative concepts and tools of professional theatrical cinematography from pre- to postproduction and use them to create our own stories.

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Image by Oliver Hale

Giving and receiving Feedback

Have you had „issues“ within your feedback loop? Is feedback misunderstood or taken emotionally? With just a few supporting techniques and approaches, getting and giving feedback will become a collaborative creative endeavour with dopamin effect.

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How can
I help you?

You may not see a workshop here that seem to suit you and your team. Please don't hesitate to reach out what I may be able to do for you.

Creating a videos – long or short – has so many layers. The two days with Nico were very fascinating and very illustrative how to intertwine them to create compelling stories.

Anna, social media expert

Nico is a core member of


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